SocraticGadfly: Texas doctors push for Medicare veto override

July 15, 2008

Texas doctors push for Medicare veto override

Via press release e-mail:

Texas Medical Association President Josie Williams calls on the House and Senate to override Bush’s veto of the Medicare bill:
“It’s unfortunate that President Bush chose to put the profits of health insurance companies before the needs of Medicare patients. Nevertheless, Texas physicians are very proud of and very encouraged by the commitment from Senators Cornyn and Hutchison to override the veto. Now, physicians and our patients call on ALL members of Congress from Texas to follow the lead of our senators and support the veto override.

“Texas physicians are standing with our patients — seniors, military families, and patients with disabilities — to ensure that their medical needs are met now and in the future. We recognize this bill is only a short-term fix. But it is a necessary step toward a long-term solution.”

If you have a wavering Congressman, contact him or her. And, don’t take TMA’s word for Cornyn and Hutchison; contact them directly to make sure they don’t go wobbly.

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