SocraticGadfly: It’s evolution, not Darwinism

July 17, 2008

It’s evolution, not Darwinism

And, contra creationists and intelligent designers, a GREAT explanation of why it’s properly called “evolution” comes from Olivia Judson. It’s a long post, but a great one.

Judson notes the three main things Darwin didn’t know were genetics (impossible, of course, as DNA wasn’t discovered for nearly a century after “Origin of Species”), statistics (which has vastly evolved since his day) and computer science (which has recently been a massive boon, with evolutionary development simulations).

It’s really not the top of column from which to extract one quote. Besides, it’s Judson’s third in a series on Darwin, with the bicentennial of his birth (and one A. Lincoln’s) less than seven months away.

Frankly, most creationists and IDers use “Darwinism” on purpose, for one or more of several reasons.

One is in analogy with the word “Christianity,” to make it look like an allegedly infallible Darwin, or Darwinism, is being worshiped.

The second is to set up a straw man about such alleged infallibility.

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