SocraticGadfly: MoJo Dowd actually makes a bit of sense – and Friedman

July 17, 2008

MoJo Dowd actually makes a bit of sense – and Friedman

And, her column about humor-challenged Obamiacs (especially, I say, the “What White People Like” types), juxtaposes nicely with Tom Friedman also actually making sense, for him, about Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Both dip their toes a bit into ethnic issues.

“There’s a weird reverse racism going on,” Jimmy Kimmel said.

And Friedman, deserving a longer excerpt:
But when it comes to pure, rancid moral corruption, no one can top South Africa’s president, Thabo Mbeki, and his stooge at the U.N., Dumisani Kumalo. They have done everything they can to prevent any meaningful U.N. pressure on the Mugabe dictatorship.

As The Times reported, America’s U.N. ambassador, Zalmay Khalilzad, “accused South Africa of protecting the ‘horrible regime in Zimbabwe,’ ” calling this particularly disturbing given that it was precisely international economic sanctions that brought down South Africa’s apartheid government, which had long oppressed that country’s blacks.

So let us now coin the Mbeki Rule: When whites persecute blacks, no amount of U.N. sanctions is too much. And when blacks persecute blacks, any amount of U.N. sanctions is too much.

Well, maybe it’s an advance when NYT columnists have gotten past political correctness enough to wonder out loud about these things.

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