SocraticGadfly: All is not harmony at the Idaho GOP

July 14, 2008

All is not harmony at the Idaho GOP

It’s a regular scrum between different party factions in the lead-up to the state convention. What passes for a moderate wing of the Idaho GOP is facing a big-time squeeze-out.

Could this really give Idaho Dems a chance at picking up some seats, whether Congressional, state legislature or whatever?


Just take a look at Kansas, which had a very similar GOP fracture a few years ago.

Kansas now has a two-term Democratic governor, with a former GOP gov serving now as Sebelius’ lite gov.

On the Congressional side, Walt Minnick may have a fighting chance in the 1st District against the divisive GOP incumbent Bill Sali. Contrary to Kansas, the Religious Right doesn’t have a big toehold in Idaho, but Sali bends hardcore that way.

He’s in his first term, so he’s vulnerable that way, and he won his initial general election by only 5 percentage points.

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