SocraticGadfly: Wyoming wolf ‘hunting’ is disgusting

July 19, 2008

Wyoming wolf ‘hunting’ is disgusting

Read here for more on hunting “plugging” wolves in Wyoming.

Ever since the gray wolves of the northern Rockies were removed from their “endangered” listing per the Endangered Species Act, Wyoming has had a kill-on-sight policy in official predator areas.

One guy claimed to have killed 10 in just a matter of days. As Derek Goldman notes, their only “crime” was being wolves.

And, this isn’t “hunting” in other ways either. With a kill-on-sight policy, no licenses are required, so no money goes to the state fish and game folks for conservation.

Finally, this isn’t “hunting,” because it’s kill-on-sight and not shoot-on-sight.

But, wolves have a reprieve moved back on the Endangered Species List by judicial order.

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