SocraticGadfly: The future of Western GOP gets fractured

July 19, 2008

The future of Western GOP gets fractured

High Country News, the premier all-around progressive magazine of Western states environmentalism, politics and sociology, has an excellent take on the future of the conservatives vs. the ultra-conservatives of the GOP in the West, starting with the ground zero of Idaho.

Environmental issues, especially with mushrooming natural gas and coalbed methane production in a number of states, is at the top of fracture points between conservatives and ultras.

But, it’s not just conservatives vs. ultras. It’s also the stereotypical hook and bullet Republican against the big business one, or at least, the big extractive industries one.

That said, allegedly “green” Western Republicans still fall short. Witness Wyoming Republican Congressional candidate Mark Gordon:
The modern Sierra Club “is more ideological -- not talking about management (of grazing), but talking about getting cows off public lands. ... There’s been an incredible retrenchment on both sides.”

All straw man here, of course.

Sierra (and others) are about not letting you graze your cows on federal land at subsidized rates and above good carrying capacity.

Anyway, read the full article; it’s long but in-depth.

Then, consider subscribing to HCN.

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