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October 31, 2010

David Broder jumped the shark into a new dimension

Broder, the so-called "dean" of Beltway mainstream media pundits, needs to flunk himself. He officially jumped the shark into a whole new dimension, saying Obama can get re-elected in 2012 through a "war recovery" of getting ready to attack Iran. No, seriously.

If this is what passes for serious opining from the senior Washington Post op-ed columnist, why can't the Post put Broder out to pasture, followed by firing Fred Hiatt?

February 11, 2010

David Broder reaches a new low

Can the "dean of the Washington press corps" be officially tested for Alzheimer's? Just when you think he can't get stupider, by giving Sarah Palin his official imprimatur, he does.

Sarah Palin plus David Broder, like gasoline plus matches, eh?

December 24, 2009

Broderism hits a new low

In his latest effort to be the press punditry "dean of bipartisanship," David Broder possibly writes one of his stupidest columns ever.

He claims that partisanship, in the Senate, and even from the White House, cut both ways on the health care bill.
(E)ven those Republicans who were initially inclined to (act in a bipartisan fashion) were turned away by the White House and the Senate Democratic leaders, who never lifted their sights much beyond the Democratic ranks.

Now, in some counterfactual universe, this might be true.

But, in our actual, reality-based world, Max Baucus, for example, continued to work with Senate Finance Republicans long after Jim DeMint called on fellow GOPers to make the bill Obama's "Waterloo."

True, you can scapegoat Harry Reid for passing out massive pork. That said, now that Nebraska's governor has thrown Ben Nelson under the bus, maybe some of that pork will come off the bill again in conference.

What will NOT happen in conference is another of Broder's delusional Broderisms:
It would help a lot if (Obama) reached out personally to those few Republicans who might still want to improve the bill rather than sink it.

I mean, the NYT op-ed page ain't the greatest, but it looks like a Mensa of political analysis compared to stuff like this, let alone house editorials and Gail Collins' oversight vs. that of Fred Hiatt.

November 22, 2009

David Broder’s self-righteous budget hand-wringing

All that and more are in the latest column of the man Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just recently derided as the retiree who rites an occasional column.

And rightly so, on Reid’s derision. Broder refuses to accept the word of the Congressional Budget office about the bill. Plus, most of the people and groups whose word he DOES accept want to privatize Medicare and Social Security, to boot.

Beyond that, where were Broder’s budget concerns when Bush gutted the estate tax? Went to war on off-budget spending? Rammed through Medicare Part D on budget lies?

I hear crickets.

April 26, 2009

If David Broder is agin it, I’m for it – prosecuting torture

The so-called dean of Washington opinionators, David Broder, tells President Barack Obama to stick by his guns and not prosecute torturers, torture abetters, etc.

First, Broder shows he’s as bad at psychology as opinion writing, worrying about the vengeance factor.

Second, he gets facts about Obama wrong:
Obama, to his credit, has ended one of the darkest chapters of American history, when certain terrorist suspects were whisked off to secret prisons and subjected to waterboarding and other forms of painful coercion in hopes of extracting information about threats to the United States.

Guess Mr. Broder’s never heard of a place called Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, and the expansion it’s undergoing right now.

Third, Broder claims this is more scapegoating. Really.

Even by Broder’s standards, this is both stupid and platitutdinous both. Read the column for yourself.

January 14, 2009

Obama falls prey to the Village – Broder suck-up ahead

Last night, President-elect Barack Obama dined with a bunch of mainlined conservative pundits. (More at Huffington Post. ) Tonight, he’s supposed to do the same with “liberal” ones.

It’s clear, as Marc Ambinder says at the first link, that B.O. is wanting to snuggle up to mainstream opinion-makers inside Washington, D.C.’s political Village.

Hmm, I might have to Photoshop a picture of Obama burying his head up David Broder’s ass.

And, listening to Krauthammer for hours at the conservative confab? Doorknob, wouldn’t that be like a new version of waterboarding? Bill Kristol would not be much better. At least you could talk baseball with Will.

June 21, 2008

David Broder joins Bob Woodward on hypocrisy hot seat

Earlier today, I blogged about Bob Woodward, BUCKraker and hypocrite. Woody’s hypocrisy included ignoring his boss Ben Bradlee’s criticism.

Apparently, David Broder doesn’t listen to his old boss either.

No wonder Broder criticized Bill Clinton for allegedly not respecting D.C.; the “dean of the press corps” is up to his unethical eyeballs in public speaking hock to D.C. big money.

And, Ken Silverstein cites specific examples where Broder speeches, what they were about, and who paid for them, appear to have influenced subsequent columns.

Update: Ken Silversteinreports that Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell is giving both Woody and Broder a slap on the wrist, while promising “further investigation.” Why does this sound like the Bush Administration?