SocraticGadfly: Brett Favre: An owner’s perspective

July 13, 2008

Brett Favre: An owner’s perspective

Friday, I blogged about the Green Bay Packers, rightfully in my opinion, calling Brett Favre out on his “release me” bluff.

I also said I disagreed with ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski on Favre’s actual value as a quarterback.

But, that’s not the only value Favre has.

He puts keisters in seats.

To take one example. Wojo says Favre wouldn’t be much of an upgrade over Jon Kitna in Detroit. (That’s after insisting, with a straight face, that Favre would be much better than Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.)

But, he would be some sort of upgrade, right?

And the Lions play in a big barn stadium that they don’t always sell out.

Would Brett sell it out? Hells, yes.

And, in the friendly confines of an indoor stadium, he might not through quite so many INTs.

Or outdoors. Is he an upgrade over Rex the Wonder Dog Grossman or Brian “Oops, that was a stair” Griese?


So, if I own a franchise with a potential for mediocrity or better, rather than the crapper, and don’t have an A-list QB, and don’t sell games out right now, don’t I have to look at No. 4?

Think of Hank Aaron ending his career with the Brewers.

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