SocraticGadfly: A ‘green’ plane?

July 14, 2008

A ‘green’ plane?

Bombardier claims it’s building one.
“The CSeries family offers the greenest single-aisle aircraft in its class,” said Gary Scott, president of Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

“These game-changing aircraft emit up to 20 percent less CO2 (carbon dioxide)... fly four times quieter, and deliver dramatic energy savings,” he added in the statement.

Boeing claims this is a Bombardier claims time of opportunity to build such planes. Will it deliver?

Southwest could use its leverage to try to force Boeing to come out with a much greener version of the 737.

Not all American airlines may be around to benefit, though.

In the first story, Virgin Atlantic’s Richard Branson predicted that:
There will be “some spectacular casualties" in the airline industry. “One of the big American carriers will almost definitely go.”

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