SocraticGadfly: Obama Veepstakes gets feh again

July 17, 2008

Obama Veepstakes gets feh again

Neither Sam Nunn nor Even Bayh says pizzazz as Veep. And, if you wanted the national security issue defused, with an attack dog, pick Wes Clark.

Beyond THAT, though, as TPM reminds us, is Bayh’s neocon past. Even better, listen to Bayh’s lame-o excuse:
“A lot has changed since 2003,” Bayh communications director Eric Kleiman told TPM’s Eric Kleefeld. “And Senator Bayh has acknowledged if we knew then what we know now, he wouldn’t have cast that vote.”

Didn’t Hillary Clinton say the same thing and get excoriated for it by Obamiacs?

Answer? Yes.

That said, given events of the last month, I would be totally unsurprised if B.O. actually tapped Bayh.

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