SocraticGadfly: 8/1/21 - 8/8/21

August 06, 2021

Georgia Green Party, gender critical radical feminists and hypocrisy alerts

The Georgia Green Party, known hereafter as the GaGP, led within the party and by allies outside it among gender-critical radical feminists, known hereafter as GCRF, who more and more have become the leading face of the GaGP and allies in a battle against the national Green Party's Lavender Caucus over transsexual vs transgender issues (My blog, my words.) is again the subject of my ever-more-skeptical thought.

More, and even more, I've called a pox on both houses.

And, now, a pox again on the GaGP, and allies.

How can any of you tout the newly formed site Counterweight, which specifically says of itself:

Counterweight is an organisation that helps individuals resist the imposition of Critical Social Justice (CSJ) on their day to day lives.

In other words, per Orwell's Napoleon, hypocrisy is good for you but not for them? Gender-critical radical feminism, by not just its name but its roots, IS part of the broader stream of critical social justice right along with critical race theory.

Counterweight is itself, per the touter, by a former editor of this site which is in footsies with the Intellectual Dark Web. Whenever I see "liberal humanism," I think Andrew Sullivan and then, like Hanns Jost, remove the safety from my Browning.

With hypocrisy, idiocy or both of this level, you deserve to get your asses booted, no matter that your cause does have some points for consideration. And, that includes backers of the GaGP who are not GCRFs themselves, but claim that the people you travel with aren't a problem.

That's versus my ongoing insistence that sometimes the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, and is not even my temporary ally of convenience, but is still another enemy who is the enemy of my enemy for reasons I cannot accept.

Anyway, per a few other Greens, this isn't more than a tempest in a teapot in one sense with all the other issues the party has faced over the past 16 months. The lot of them as a lump only add to my "sayonara" sense.

Related? While "TERF" is a technically accurate alternative description, it can be a pejorative. Besides, it's a #twosiderism framing issue, as I note on Twitter, as part of a thread written in response to David B. Collins' recent post:

Per Wittgenstein and people yet more modern, it's a linguistic "game" issue.  And, I am not playing on either of the two sides who aren't the only two.
Adding further to the fun? Fourth wave feminists who appear to incorporate elements of gender critical radical feminism even to the point of excluding queer feminists at times. This movement, per Wiki's page, started primarily in Latin America. Wiki shows its own linguistic biases on this issue; a link with the text on that page for "cisnormative" leads to a section header under its page for "transphobia." As with Wiki's Jimmy Wales hating Palestinians, a pox again on Wiki's house on anything related to modern social history.
Update: The Georgia GP's website and platform were apparently full of antivaxxer info 20 years ago, and whether or not he was involved back then, the pre-decertification party chair was able to, approvingly, cite chapter and verse on its pseudoscience.

August 05, 2021

Fellating Glenn Greenwald and the big picture of red/green-black alliances

I blogged a few weeks ago about how I think many alleged leftists confuse leftism and civil libertarianism in claiming Glenn Greenwald is a leftist.

That said, I think some Greens, and some Socialist types whether identifying as Green or not, don't even care totally about his political stances; they're ready to ally with him.

Glennwald walks, talks and quacks like a small-l libertarian. I've not seen him regularly tout the Libertarian Party so I can't give him the big L. But, he's a libertarian, despite his denials.

Some Greens and pinkish-Reds would probably be OK with allying with the likes of him anyway. The Green Party is, in fact, infiltrated with libertarians who hate eco-socialism. That alone should warn off actual socialists against allying with Glennwald. )Well, technically, if you're working on "alternate" state Green Parties, you may not currently be infiltrating, unless you try to foist yourself off at a national convention.

This is just a page in a different chapter of the same playbook, though, that the likes of Caitlin Johnstone promoted in the past with a red-brown alliance, to find commonalities with the new Right.


As I said in the first of two long posts about the dustup between the Georgia Green Party and the Green Party of the U.S.'s Lavender Caucus, with GaGPers and friends being willing to take the support of Swanson Tucker Carlson and apparent antisemitism folks, sometimes the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Sometimes, they're not even a temporary ally of convenience. Sometimes they remain an enemy in the big picture of things, just on different things than the enemy immediately at hand.

August 04, 2021

Coronavirus week 69: France warned us about WIV! Garland warns Abbott

Yes, it's from the Daily Signal, but, the links within it about the history of Wuhan Institute of Virology's construction all stack up with links to French "MSM" like Le Figaro. France built the lab in conjunction with China, the story notes, and it was intended to be a dual-use facility. But, even before it was completed in 2017? China started cutting back on cooperation with France, and did so even more after the facility was done. Gee, it's just about that time that the NIH of Trump years (not that Trump knew about that personally, of course) decided to reverse course from Dear Leader's administration and start funding research at WIV, including gain of function research.

Let's see Blue Anon wiggle out of this!
And, this also is a reminder of why Fauci continues to spew bullshit. His bureaucratic reputation is ever and ever more on the line.

More reason to keep that mask on? Israeli research says that "breakthrough" infections can in some cases lead to long-haul COVID.
Texas hospitalizations are at levels not seen since March. That said, per the chart, counties in the Valley outpace white rural ones, meaning that Hispanics, at least if they're not here without papers, are not vax-hesitant.

Strangeabbott detaining Ill Eagles arrested after initial border crossings while they're on their way to shelters, etc., is indeed IMO an invitation to racial profiling. And, US Attorney General Merrick Garland, who presumably knows federal law better than Strangeabbott and Kenny Boy Paxton, and undoubtedly respects it more, says this is a violation of federal law. And, after that announcement and radio silence from Strangeabbott and Kenny Boy, the feds are suing.

All of the above, at least up to the last one, are reasons why vaccine mandates by businesses (and governments that allow them, such as Biden for White House staff) are on the rise. Wired has details.

August 03, 2021

Texas Progressives: Bits and pieces

Kel Seliger, one of the few Texas Senate Republicans not a Danny Goeb, or Strangeabbott, toady, says that (as it looks like this issue could put the state in a pickle) that Abbott's veto of the legislature's budget is a reason he should be stripped of line-item veto power. Seliger has filed a bill to that end. It of course can't be considered this session cuz — A. There's no House; B. It's not on Abbott's "call." (I think that that includes no constitutional amendment bills, which is what this would be). 

Californians, both individuals working remotely and companies planning moves with senior execs on the scout, are inflating the housing market in the Metromess as well as Austin. The luxury sellers pandering to them are even worse, and are part of why Texas has one of the highest rates of income disparity of any state in the nation.

Vinegaroons have been stirred up by an usually rainy early summer. Big Bend National Park stirred up public fear when posting about that.

RIP Dusty Hill, and yes, that IS the end of ZZ Top, IMO, too.  D Mag also weighs in. Rolling Stone has the big obit. Jesus Just Left Chicago, and Dusty left Tejas:

The problems continue at Collin College.

Getting the kiss of Trump may have been the kiss of death for Susan Wright. Funny part is on special election day, a campaign worker checking polling places telling her staff that her pre-election poll numbers are invalid "because they're all wearing masks." It's a sad commentary on TrumpTrain Republicans in general and her campaign in particular. Of course, for 2022, this may be the kiss of death for Gilberto Hinojosa and the Texas Democratic Party; in a regular election, Elizey will be a tougher opponent than Wright.

SocraticGadfly, with an official court forfeiture order last week, talks anew about his personal connection to Hobby Lobby's Museum of the Bible.

Both Democrats and Republicans hate average Americans, especially if poor, unhealthy or of color. And, of course, Dems' hatred really traces back to Slick Willie, 1996. That said, it's at state as well as federal governmental levels. Look at the neoliberals who run the government in California as Dems.

August 02, 2021

Saint Anthony of Fauci and gain of function, part 2

This may wind up replacing my regular weekly roundup of coronavirus news, if Fauci keeps it up.

Jaime Metzl, who used to work for President Clinton, and also for then-Sen. Joe Biden, so not a wingnut, has said in detail WIV did gain of function research, albeit not on a coronavirus, as far as we know.

He adds that the the Wuhan CDC, just down the road, also did gain of function research, and this WAS ON bat coronaviruses, starting in 2015. That link is a long read but well worth it. Among other things, he VERY SPECIFICALLY notes that "gain of function" research is NOT "genetic engineering." Fauci knows this, but, IMO, he's hand-waving, gaslighting or whatever, and even if not actively conflating the two ideas himself, letting others do the lifting for him.

Update: Whether WIV's gain of function research deliberately increased transmissibility to humans or not is a different issue than gain of function as defined by Jamie Metzl et al as "gain of function"! This is where Fauci's hair-splitting comes in. As does Fauci's hairsplitting in calling GIF only when it makes a virus more dangerous to humans. No, it means ... gain in function! Period. And, this is important because if such a virus leaks, we don't know how it's going to further evolve after that. And, at that link, per Gregory Koblenz, the big issue is that we don't know what standards, if any, the National Institutes of Health has for calling an "enhancement" officially GIF by its standards. So, Fauci could claim NOTHING is GIF, for all you and I know.

The problem is enhanced by China's continued stonewalling of the US and WHO. That stonewalling is abetted by Fauci saying we should continue to fund Chinese research. Metzl does note that Fauci supports fuller investigation of WIV, but undercuts the push for that by saying we should continue to fund it.

How bad is some of this? Metzl says there's data at WIV that's not even available to all scientists who work at WIV. (That link of his at top is continually updated, by the way.)

NIH Director Francis Collins has also claimed the same as Fauci. Metzl politely calls him (and by extension, I guess, Fauci) "technically truthful" but, only because of the imprecision and Mack truck loopholes in NIH's definition. I'd rather go with others and call Collins as well as Fauci liars. They're both skilled bureaucrats and they know that in both private and government bureaucracies, definitions are written as they are for specific reasons.

If you're not a twosider, not a tribalist, I REALLY encourage you to bookmark that Metzl link.