SocraticGadfly: Nutroots Nation 2008 – TPM fluffblogging of Pelosi

July 19, 2008

Nutroots Nation 2008 – TPM fluffblogging of Pelosi

Tis the season to be snarky, so you’re going to see some version of this post header and photo header a few more times this weekend.

I didn’t bother scrolling through the video, just read the text excerpts of Talking Points interview of Passive Pelosi™ down at Netroots Nation in Austin.

Yes, it’s true that Bush’s semi-acceptance of a “framework” in Iraq is not the same as timetables for withdrawal. But from the leader of Congressional Democrats who voted to continue funding the war, without timetables, pulled impeachment off the table, refused to put the War Powers Act on the table, and voted to amend FISA to put spies under your table, Speaker Pelosi has a lot of chutzpah herself. And, to not be interviewed about that?

Update, 5:51 CDT: I can admit either a mistake, or not having (in this case, not through my fault) complete information. TPM has now posted the full version of its Pelosi interview, including flagging that Pelosi was given some degree of grilling on FISA.

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