SocraticGadfly: 6/26/05 - 7/3/05

July 01, 2005

So now Iraq is Clinton’s fault?

Here’s Shrub’s latest whopper, courtesy of a Danish TV interview.

”I thought we would find weapons of mass destruction, as did the world,” Bush said. “It wasn’t just our intelligence, nor was it my administration ... President Clinton felt the same way, based upon what everybody thought was solid intelligence.”
My only question — how could he not work Hillary into the blame game?

June 30, 2005

The Army did NOT meet its most recent recruiting goals...

It just lowered the goalposts, as USA Today reports.

All this, and a comment by my Army Reserve sister this spring, led me to some other thoughts.

First, do we know the Army isn't also double dipping on deferred recruitments???

You know, some kid signs up in December but doesn't actually start his hitch in May. How do we know this isn't being counted twice?

Second, according to my sister, this shit happens all the time when people request and are granted unit transfers. The old unit keeps them on the books to keep unit strength numbers up.

Kay finally crumbles

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has finally agreed to be an official sponsor of the Senate's anti-lynching apology.

Only a few weeks late and on the wrong side of numerous newspaper columns by people like me.

Of course, there's still John (You Shot the Sheriff) Cornyn.

June 28, 2005

You just can’t get Miller/Cooper and shield laws much more wrong

Than Kevin Drum did .

Kevin blows it in these ways:

1. Implying that people who disagree with him have a personal animus against Judith Miller;

2. Believing that shield laws should be absolutes, or nearly so, like minister, doctor or lawyer confidentiality of confessional, counseling or professional advise relationships, when journalists are not giving advice to sources for which confidentiality is of the essence;

3. Failing to see that his absolutist solution would lead to the floodgates of politically abusive Plame-type leaking opening wide.

4. Citing Armando from Daily Kos as a “professional reference/backstop” on this issue. This is, what, issue No. 697 that Armando has had partially if not completely wrong? As for Armando’s comment about the Circuit Court’s “sweeping” opinion, well, as there is no federal shield law, any opinion on this issue had the potential to be sweeping, if you will look at it that way. I believe Branzburg was a valid precedent for this case. In any case, that leads back to Kevin …

5. Otherwise generally not thinking this baby through at all.

In more detail on Point No. 2:

Unlike doctor-patient, counseler-client, or minister/priest/rabbi-parishoner relationships, there is no absolute, even at the state level, to journalist-source protections. And, in the case of things such as child abuse, there's not even an absolute confidentiality privelege to those professions.

Also, journalists do not provide a service to their sources, other than the "service" of being a funnel, a conduit, a catalyst, for political gamesmanship in many cases. This again distingushes the journalist-source relationship from the others above.