SocraticGadfly: Harassing phone call, or robocall, on your phone?

November 06, 2006

Harassing phone call, or robocall, on your phone?

Don’t delete it — save it on your computer for possible future needs, with GotVoice.

Why save them? Well, maybe you need a backup on your PC of someone violating a restraining order by calling you.

Or you need proof to e-mail to other people about a political robocall.

Well, GotVoice lets you do that.

No, I haven’t tried it yet. But Democratic bloggers trying to fight the GOP fakery in many states of calling under the name of the Democratic congressional candidate — doing 6-7 repeat faked calls to try to get people mad at Democrats — suggest GotVoice is a great way to have proof to e-mail to local newspapers, local TV stations, cable news stations, etc.

Oh, the beta version of GotVoice is free, too.

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