July 24, 2016

The selling of #CitizenKaine, especially to #Sandernistas

Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine is now Hillary Clinton's vice presidential nominee.

Despite him being, at a minimum, the most conservative Dem Veep nominee since Joe Lieberman, Democratic Party peripheral groups are zipping their lips and even telling lies about him, further selling their souls to the left-hand side of the duopoly.

Kaine supports Virginia's tough right-to-work law? But he'll be GREAT for workers, insist the AFL-CIO, SEIU, etc.

Kaine supports abstinence-based sex-ed, and favors a fair amount of restriction on late-term abortion? But Cecile Richards/Planned Parenthood, and NARAL rate him 100 percent. (That's even though NARAL gave the state of Virginia an F while Citizen Kaine was governor.)

Kaine was a missionary to Honduras, allegedly caring about the poor, and has said nothing about the Clinton-backed 2009 coup?

Kaine is also a friend of the banksters and of TPP.

So, Camp Clinton is going to try to sell Citizen Kaine to the #Sandernistas and the #BernieOrBust folks.

Have fun with that.

That said, readers here know I love serving some heavy schadenfreude at times.

So check out the poll at top right about how much, or how little, crow Bernie Sanders himself may eat in turd-polishing Citizen Kaine.

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