July 25, 2016

Of #DNCLinks and Putin and Russia and 3 sides at #DNCinPhillt

This story is why Iranian philosopher Idries Shah said "There are more than two sides to an issue."

First, I've already rejected the insinuations of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, that Donald Trump is some sort of Manchurian Candidate of Vladimir Putin. Trump, an egotistical blowhard, has no real ideology and can't otherwise be bought like that. I reject lesser versions of this, as well. And I reject any other Dem-friendly spinners claiming a Russian plot.

Second, at the same time, I reject some anti-Clintonistas of the left claiming Russia had nothing to do with this.

We know cybersecurity sucked on DNC computers already last December, over the issue of a Sanders staffer peeking at donor info. Actually, from stories then, we know it sucked before then.

I'm assuming Guccifer 2.0 is possibly connected to Russia's FSB. Even allowing for cybersecurity analysts sometimes being blowhards, the whole lot of them pretty musch says this has at least a few Russian fingerprints.

I'm assuming Russkies tried to spy on BOTH major parties, in fact, and found RNC computers more secure.

That said, even that may not be a warranted assumption. Putin's FSB would actually have to be pretty inept to be behind this. That said, the FBI has now announced it will investigate further. And contra the hints by Adam Johnson on the first link in this paragraph, the feds are often tight-lipped on such things.)

And, even if the FSB IS behind the hack? Everything after that was opportunism.

Third, the religious bigotry of Marshall? The blatant pro-Clinton tilt? That was all true regardless of Russian spying or not.

And that's another reason to vote Green. No true apologies for any of this. An even more blatant Clintonista to run the DNC.

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