July 29, 2016

Preznit Kumbaya filtered through suburban Methodism

If you missed Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech, that's about what you missed, From there it went to corporate micromanagement, neoliberal style, on a scale eve smaller than hubby's 1996 renomination.

It was dry in content and boring in delivery. She needs a speech coach. She may never be great but she can be better.

Goddam Sachs apparently paid Hillary Clinton for $675K of Sominex.

And it had its share of lies. Hillarycare was no more universal than Obamacare. Ted Kennedy, not her, did the heavy lifting on CHIP. "It Takes a Village" was ghostwritten, and controversially so.

But, beyond that, it was boring, above anything. And fear-driven next, though that theme was more the convention overall. Along with a GOP-like American tribalism that was disconcerting.

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