July 28, 2016

Wanted: Hackers, real or fake Chinese; Target: RNC

With disputes over whether the Russkies are or are not behind the hack of security-vulnerable Democratic National Committee servers, and the resultant Democratic, and fellow traveler, nuttery, doubled down on, about how Donald Trump is some Muscovite Manchurian Candidate, that;s the background for the header on this blog post.

The goal would be finding out if Trump is a hypocrite on free trade. (Actually, Ivanka's shoes told us that a week ago.)

More than that, re Trump's comments on NATO, actual Chinese hackers would want to know his position, to the degree it's not been articulated, on SEATO, Japan, South Korea, etc. And maybe he has different thoughts in private.

More seriously yet, the US government intervened in Boris Yetsin's 1996 re-election and many other places. We have little room for complaint.

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