SocraticGadfly: #DNCLeaks — religious bigotry of DNC and presumably Hillary Clinton

July 23, 2016

#DNCLeaks — religious bigotry of DNC and presumably Hillary Clinton

Via Mediate, as shown in this email that's part of WikiLeaks' new trove of Democratic National Committee email leaks, it's clear the DNC was at least mulling over the ideas of smeaering Bernie Sanders as a secularist.

So, secularist Clintonistas, and "my Democrats right or wrong," you're OK with this .... bigotry?

And Clintonistas, don't try to pawn this off on the DNC. Wikileaks is making clear its collaboration with the Clinton campaign.

And, as Mediate explains, emailer Brad Marshall is the party’s chief financial officer; this was NOT a low-level bad apple staffer. And, per the paragraph above, this wasn't spoken into a vacuum, nor idly.

Now, at least one Hillbot blogger, who I loathe more by the day, as a secular humanist, does deep knee bends of hypocrisy by saying, in essence, "but this was only talked about," while ignoring that Marshall is now lying, saying this wasn't about Sanders, just some generic Jewish guy.

Hell, for all we know, the question Sanders faced about his religion at the one Dem debate, even though two months before the Marshall email, may have been due to media prodding by Camp Clinton, the DNC, or both.

Yes, Denise Ghattas was speaking from the audience, but ... the question seemed peculiar.

Ghattas is 'connected,' the niece of Helen K. Persson of some $$$. (She gave millions in her will to a performing arts center named after the father of Henry Kravis of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts fame.) She's very "plugged in" to the philanthropic world in Flint, as shown in part on her Facebook page. Her Facebook friends include ABC's Bob Woodruff. Her husband is a doctor an attorney. She runs an educational consulting business but that link is the most I could find about it.

It's more likely, though, going by her FB friends, that she's religiously fairly conservative. It's been a long time since I lived in Flint, but I'm guessing she and her Arab-American husband are moderately conservative Catholics. I don't see any campaign contributions in her name, but another Ghattis gave to Michigan GOP Senator Spence Abraham.

And, for that matter, she could have lied about being undecided, or at least about being decided for one party but undecided for an individual candidate. Her question could have given Marshall ammo, though, on the flip side.

(Turns out she's a political independent, Orthodox not Catholic, and the question had a First Amendment backgrounf which wasn't explained by Anderson Cooper not having her explain the background to the question.)

Clintonistas will try to explain this away, of course, and fail, just as they try to explain away, and fail, her active membership in the secretive, right-wing leaning prayer group The Fellowship. Oh, and yes, involvement of Jim Wallis of Sojourners in the National Prayer Breakfast aside, The Fellowship is conservative, both religiously AND politically, per the start of a long Clinton profile.

And, Dems, if we're going to hint at smearing somewhat secular Jews, just how observant is Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Update, and speaking of her:

1. Sanders has surrendered the rest of his backbone by trying to pin this all on her. In an interview with Jake Tapper, he didn't even mention Marshall.
2. Per that same link, DWS will not preside over the convention.
3. DWS has now resigned. That said, many Berners probably didn't realize Clinton wasn't a total fan of hers. And, at least for the convention, she's being replaced by cleat Clintonista Donna Brazile.

Update 2: Still without admitting the email was about Sanders, Marshall has apologized.

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