July 27, 2016

Continuing to refudiate #Hillbots on lesser-evilism

In refudiation of a Hillbot, on Disqus, who claims differences between Stein and Clinton / (Trump) aren't bigger than differences between Clinton and Trump, and asked me to list differences for "adults" to judge:

Stein is not a Middle East warmonger; Trump and Clinton both are. Clinton's a warmonger elsewhere, like deliberately, needlessly provoking Russia.
Stein is not a friend of banksters; Trump and Clinton both are. Stein wants single-payer; neither Trump nor Clinton do. Stein wants more protection for employees than either Trump or Clinton. Stein certainly believes Black Lives Matter in a way neither Clinton (Ricky Rector, superpredators) do. Stein, unlike Trump (multiple bankruptcies) or Clinton (Walmart board, literally unbelievable cattle futures profits) doesn't have a shady fiscal past.

See how easy it is to spell out HUGE differences, Hillbot?

(I know that most Dems, when talking about "huge" differences, are talking about two hot-button social issues, usually linked with Supreme Court review. I've repeatedly noted that "Oh, but the SCOTUS" worries don't impress me, and that when raised beyond worries to arguments, the SCOTUS votes on many issues, some of which Dems don't have the best track record at all times.)

Beyond that, Hillbots who assume every Green voter is an uninformed 6-year-old just give me more reasons to vote Green.

And, no, Hillbots, Ralph Nader didn't really cause Gore to lose in 2000; Gore's death was primarily self-inflicted.

And here's another blogger with a short,sweet take on refusing to accept lesser-evilism.

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