July 26, 2016

#DemsInPhilly, Day 1

I've already dissected the Sanders Sellout, so let's look at the rest of last night.

Sarah Silverman was apparently a putz. Smart move there, DNC, And Silverman.

Al Franken? He was who I thought he was. He's becoming ever lower in the Dantean seven circles of hell for SNL alums. As I said on Twitter, he's dropped past Adam Sandler and into the David Spade malebolge.

Michelle Obama? Not bad at all in style and delivery. Content? Good — by the Bushian soft bigotry of low expectations, or more accurately, by the soft bigotry of low comparisons. That's the best I got; sorry, not drinking the Glenn Thrush Kool-Aid.

Elizabeth Warren? I commented briefly last night. Brains has more today, and I agree. Lackluster in delivery and low on factual content. If she ever wants to move up beyond the Senate, she either blew it totally, or else engaged in a new version of triangulation. Of course, she's even more a part of the bipartisan foreign policy establishment than Bernie, so there's that, too.

And pre both Brains and Thrush, I think that's as good as it gets from her.

Tonight? A roll call nomination vote. The Slickster is the main speaker/.Does he tell Berners "I feel your pain"?

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