February 10, 2014

Dear Texas Greens: Isn't it time to ...

Shit or get off the pot?

I mean, if your goal in life is to continue to find some Texas Supreme Court or appellate court race where the Democrats haven't entered a candidate, get someone to run for that position, then out of fear that Democrats will nominate somebody, not announce your candidate slate until the last minute, all in order to get 5 percent of the vote in some statewide race, so you as a party keep statewide ballot access in the next general election, I guess you don't mind sitting in the pot while keeping yourself collectively self-constipated.

But, even without winning a race, even without totally worrying about how one defines "relevance" in terms of percentage of the vote, wouldn't you like to actually be relevant in contributing to the state's political discussion?

You have a golden opportunity, and you're doing nothing about it, from what I can see.

Wendy Davis is determined to run to the right every chance she gets. She's already tried to label herself as "prolife," she's already come off looking like a gun nut, she's running away from press coverage she can't carefully control, which isn't new, and, although her campaign mouthpieces have talked about Greg Abbott's "nasty attitude" toward the border, she may well take a dive on immigration issues in weeks or months ahead.

So, where in the hell is Green Party gubernatorial nominee Brandon Parmer? And, where are you as a party in publicizing him?

There's no Brandon Parmer Facebook page. There is no Brandon Parmer website, this in a day where GoDaddy was recently selling .com domain registrations for $10.99 a month.

Your state party's Facebook page has had just one post in the last 10 days or so about a Texas Green candidate, and no, it ain't Brandon Parmer. Your website has had not a single new post since announcing the official list of candidates two months ago. And, the email I sent asking about these things last week has yet to be answered. That's not to mention that your list of state executive committee members and national delegates is out of date.

I've given money to the national party before, as well as voting Green presidentially. I'd give money to the state party, but only if I saw signs of life first.

I understand that a third party doesn't have the paid full-time staff of Democrats or Republicans. However, as I noted, a Facebook page is free, as the state party sees. Why individual Green candidates, including but by no means limited to Parmer, aren't at least doing that, free Google+ pages, and free Blogger or Wordpress blogs, is incomprehensible.

As for answering the email, the same caveat applies as above. Yes, you don't have a full-time paid person doing social media. But, that email address surely has an automatic forward to another email address ... one of the executive staff members or something.

(Update, Feb. 12: It doesn't help when my email to your "contact" address bounces, and it really doesn't help when it takes five days for the bounce to be confirmed.)

And, it's not just the Green Party. Without a Facebook page, I have no way of telling Mr. Parmer this directly.


PDiddie said...

Well done. Maybe something can get shaken up.

Gadfly said...

Posted the link on the party's Facebook page. I see you posted there last week.