February 13, 2014

#WendyDavis supports gay marriage — today

Per that header, and her increasing schwaffling, clarifications, and nuancing, call me back about this headline tomorrow or next week, but today?

Wendy Davis supports gay marriage.

You want my honest reasoning why?

The federal district court in Kentucky that ruled yesterday that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriage from other states.

So, just like her schwaffles on marijuana and abortion, where Davis said she's OK with whatever the public wants on medical marijuana, and that she's OK with following the lead of Rick Perry! on marijuana decriminalization, and she's OK with a reproductive choice bill halfway like what she filibustered last summer, this is more of the same.  (NO, Davis defenders, she did NOT personally and unequivocally support either one of the marijuana items.)

Davis popped up, looked around, didn't see a shadow from too much unavoidable bad fallout, and said, "Hey, I support gay marriage!" Because, in this case, you can always blame "the federal courts" if there's too much backlash.

Did you support it three months ago?

Will you support it three weeks from now?

Did you decide this yourself, or did J.D. and/or Matt Angle help you out?

Will you nuance this a week from now, saying you really meant to talk about a "local option" on gay marriage?

Just like earlier this week, on the school finance lawsuit, who decided that you should tell Greg Abbott to stop defending the state on it?

Even then, this:
“A settlement recommendation to the Legislature should be to reconvene, to look at these issues and to determine what we’re going to do to own our responsibility to the schoolchildren of Texas,” she said.
Was a bit weak, compared to Virginia's AG actually joining the side of plaintiffs on a gay marriage lawsuit there.

It may be good that you're "growing a pair," but what took so long? And, again, why should we trust that these statements won't get "nuanced" at some point in the future.

And, is this part of a strategy to stop tracking ever further to the right? If so, how long will it last?

Let's see ... can Texas raise the state minimum wage for workers on state-contracted job? That bold move from Davis, following President Obama's executive order, might be next.

Yes, I'm now skeptical almost to the point of being cynical.

Perry's right in that it is good news. I'm still right in wondering what took so long, and why. I guess I'm seeing this as a "reboot" in Davis' "packaging."

Unfortunately, the Texas Green party continues to sit on its ass. And, yes, I've decided to keep repeating that. Any Texas Greens that don't like it? You know the ball's in your court. Because, like Jim Moore, I can decide not to vote for anybody for guv if Brandon Parmer's lethargy continues.

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