February 11, 2014

Wake me up when #Obamacare is actually in place

As we get another White House delay of another portion of the Theoretically Affordable Something Act, we get further and further away from seeing Obamacare in full place, and if knowing what it will atually do.

This time, the employer mandate gets delayed for medium-sized businesses, here defined as from 50-99 employees. and not just delayed until the end of this year, but until 2016. That, in turn, means that Dear Leader will actually stall it out until late 2016 or early 2017 if it helps his Democratic would-be successor in the general election, but make sure that it's before the first Monday in January of 2017, in case the GOP controls both houses of Congress after November 2016 elections.

And even some aspects of the mandate for large employers are being delayed.

And so, predictions of Obamacare's effects, from places like the Congressional Budget Office, are "not even wrong," per Wolfgang Pauli. We don't even know what's in play right now. Or will be a year, two years, three years or four years from now.

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