February 15, 2014

Your week in Texas politics — #WendyDavis and #DavidAlameel

This was going to be an all-Davis roundup, with focus on her "new political position of the day," until David Alameel knocks her off the top.

How's that? I want to know what Daddy Warbucks of the Democratic Senate race was doing in Afghanistan and why. I also want to know when the lamestream media is going to actually start asking questions of him and about him.

Don't worry, Davis gets plenty of airplay after this.

Her sudden support for gay marriage raises several questions. As does her latest statements on abortion and marijuana. Behind those, ultimately, lies the issue of the packaging of a candidate. Tying these threads together, the "packaging" issues first really arose with her endorsement of Alameel.

Also behind the packaging lies "control" issues, of which she has a long history.

Through all of this, has Davis' hitting of the "reset" button on her campaign this past week done enough to right the ship? Feel free to vote in the poll at top right on general election predictions.

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