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July 06, 2008

The idea for liberally cool whitey – Rent-A-Negro

Black friends are No. 14 among the 103 coolest things for socially conscious (or, more likely, faux-socially conscious) upper-middle-class white liberals to like, according to Christian Lamper, as I blogged here.

But, what if you don’t HAVE any black friends?

Nemo problema, thanks to Damali Ayo’s Rent-A-Negro. Need a black person to liven up the Christmas/Kwanzaa party at the environmental law office or to enliven a consciousness-raising team-building exercise at a would-be socially conscious small liberal company? Here you go!

Read Salon for more on how Ayo got started with the idea.

Note that she fits the bill perfectly for Lamper’s self-aware (or delusionally pseudo-self-aware) uppity liberal whites — Ayo even went to Sidwell Friends! Then Brown University!

Now, on Lamper’s blog, black friends is No. 14, which gay friends is only No. 88.

Oh, if only David Sedaris were black.

Maybe Lamper will make a separate category for black gay friends.

I posed that issue to both him and Sally and Johnny of Black People Love Us.

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