July 10, 2008

Just when you think the Dallas Morning News can’t get stupider …

On its editorial page, it does.

Chet Edwards as Veep?

Obama has no chance of winning Texas, so scratch that idea. He has a chance of winning Virginia, among Southern states; Edwards helps him not a lick there.

(Obama will NOT have a chance of winning Georgia, Democrats, because Cynthia McKinney’s Green pull will negate Bob Barr’s Libertarian pull.)

So, the only way Obama should look for a southern Democrat as Veep is if he or she comes from Virginia or, of course, from Florida.

And, if that’s not stupid enough, the idea that Chet Edwards is a “progressive” is laughable.

Hey, Keven Ann Willey, I can write better editorials. I DO write better editorials, and columns.

Fire whoever wrote that turkey and hire me instead.

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