July 10, 2008

Russ Feingold is a dildohead

The very idea of “vote Obama to undo FISA damage” makes me want to look for a barf bag
“In particular, Barack Obama, should allow us to greatly change this mistake.

“Barack Obama believes in the Constitution. He’s a constitutional scholar. I believe that he will have a better chance to look at these powers that have been given to the executive branch, [even though] he'll be running the executive branch.”

If pseudoprogressive lying bullshit like that gets accepted, then the Democratic Party really should remove words like “liberal” and “progressive” from its vocabulary.

The chutzpah of Feingold, KNOWING that Obama just voted FOR the FISA bill, is crap.

If you, too, want to call him a dildohead or worse, here’s his webmail. Here’s what I said:
I call BULLSHIT on your “vote Obama to fix FISA” schtick. Why didn’t you say “vote Clinton”? She, at least, voted against the final bill.

And, if Obama is such a “constitutional scholar,” then why did he vote FOR it?

I guess you, like he, are Just.Another.Politician.

No thanks. I’ll be voting Green again this year.

Instead of a barf bag, maybe I could barf on pseudoliberal, Democratic-enabler blogs who will champion his idea.

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