SocraticGadfly: Bob Deuell wants statewide inspector general

July 12, 2008

Bob Deuell wants statewide inspector general

Problems with the Texas Education Agency’s IG office, pretty much since the start of the office two years ago, have convinced state Sen. Bob Deuell a statewide inspector general’s office, independent from individual state agencies, is needed.

Deuell got a similar measure through the Texas Senate in 2007, but it died in committee in the House. He promised Friday he’ll push for similar legislation next year.
“The inspector general needs to be independent to be effective.”

Proof that it’s needed, and that TEA’s IG office isn’t independent?
“We’ve never been allowed to launch an independent investigation, at all, ever,” said Jim Lyde, one of two TEA investigators being fired.

Amen to that. Be ready to prod any baulky House members who try a repeat of 2007.

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