SocraticGadfly: Packers call Favre bluff — good

July 11, 2008

Packers call Favre bluff — good

The Pack refuses to give the “retired” Brett Favre unconditional release.

Good. Favre can either say, “I’d like to play for the Pack again next year,” or he can say “trade me.”

Hey, Brett, get down off the cross. The Packers need the wood.

Besides, if he hasn’t been engaged in offseason minicamps, conditioning, skills work, etc., in Titletown, would he actually be better than Aaron Rodgers, anyway?

Over at ESPN, Gene Wojciechowski for some reason thinks Favre is better than Rodgers, but he’s deluded by the Favre of 10, or five, years ago, with a pinch of magic dust from the first three-quarters of 2008.

Gene, psst? Remember Favre in 2005? 2006? That air-ball turkey he threw up for interception against the Iggles in the playoffs a few years back? The intercepted turkey against the Giants in last year’s playoffs?

After that, how can you not list Eli Manning, along with Peyton, as being ahead of Favre? And, I would add other QBs as being at least rough equals of Favre of TODAY.

If you also think Wojo is an idiot, e-mail him.

For other teams, if Favre is as good as he still thinks he is, well, why wouldn’t the Pack want the Bucs, the Ravens or whomever else might be interested to pony up players, draft choices or both?

And if, like Wojo, they want to shell out for Favre the myth rather than Favre the reality, why shouldn’t the Pack prosper a bit?

Hey, Brett, this is the NFL, not charity, and you’re sure as hell not the beneficiary.

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