July 11, 2008

Friday SCATblogging — hot new ‘poperatic’ singer

No, that doesn’t mean someone singing pop music erratically. Rather, the neologism is for a crossover vocalist spanning the gamut from pop to opera.

Dorothy Bishop (photo from GayCityNews magazine) is described as almost being “the artistic love child of Eleanor Steber and Bette Midler.”

And, of course, Bishop is on this page today because she’s a scat singer:
Vocally, the “poperatic” soprano is able to sing scat, belt, and go from chesty growling to high coloratura, jumping registers and genres with the facility of the late Evel Knievel vaulting a pyre of burning cars. Diction and clean, unfussy musicianship are the constant factors here plus a born showwoman's unfailing instincts for reaching her audience. ... she ranges from Puccini to Donna Summer.

And, yes, she’s hot, too. But, guys, take note of the magazine; she’s obviously unavailable.

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