SocraticGadfly: Pharygula needs our help

April 16, 2008

Pharygula needs our help

And so does the National Center for Science Education. The king of evolutionary biologist bloggers, the creationist-defamed P.Z. Myers, wants to make sure the NCSE site for the parody of a science movie formerly known as “Crossroads,” gets more exposure for it’s (lengthy) critique of what’s wrong with the movie.

As regular readers note, I blogged about Pharyngula getting booted booted from an advance screening of the movie formerly known as “Crossroads.” I had a follow-up post about additional lies of the movie formerly known as “Crossroads,” too.

Oh, and the makers of the movie formerly known as “Crossroads” have moral problems with theft, namely intellectual property theft, as well as their initial issue with lies.

Who am I to disobey P.Z, with such a draconian order?

So, here goes, for Auld Pharyngula and NCSE: Expelled.

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