April 26, 2009

If David Broder is agin it, I’m for it – prosecuting torture

The so-called dean of Washington opinionators, David Broder, tells President Barack Obama to stick by his guns and not prosecute torturers, torture abetters, etc.

First, Broder shows he’s as bad at psychology as opinion writing, worrying about the vengeance factor.

Second, he gets facts about Obama wrong:
Obama, to his credit, has ended one of the darkest chapters of American history, when certain terrorist suspects were whisked off to secret prisons and subjected to waterboarding and other forms of painful coercion in hopes of extracting information about threats to the United States.

Guess Mr. Broder’s never heard of a place called Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, and the expansion it’s undergoing right now.

Third, Broder claims this is more scapegoating. Really.

Even by Broder’s standards, this is both stupid and platitutdinous both. Read the column for yourself.

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