February 12, 2012

A tea-party type hypocrite for you

Says he doesn't need government help, but, he has his hand out for plenty of it. Mr. Gulbranson applies for the earned income tax credit every year, and free school lunches for his kids. And, although the story doesn't mention it, he probably doesn't think there's too much income inequality in the U.S., either.

Worst part? At the end of the story, he says he feels sorry for his kids, with the implication that it's because of the "other" type freeloaders (ie, black/Mexican chiselers) ruining the country.

I feel sorry for his kids too, for getting indoctrinated by someone like him who believes in American exceptionalism, believes the trickle-down lies of the GOP, believes the "socialism" lies told about an almost conservative Democratic president who has the backbone of a chocolate eclair, and who is working to enshrine sentiment like this in a majority of Americans.

I feel sorry for his kids if Mr. Gulbranson comes even close to success in brainwashing his kids into adulthood. I feel sorry for his kids that their dad is so guilt-tripped over all the brainwashing he's already bought into. I feel sorry for kids being raised in such a milieu in general.

And, I feel sorry for the kids of all such parents who believe that any protest against such a guilt tripping system is "class warfare."

Two more takeaways, from linked stories.

1. A lot of the Gulbransons of the world live in red states.

2. Much of these program is, indeed, going to the middle class, not the poor.

Meanwhile, Toby Mcguire tries to claim Dems/liberals are hypocrites on the issue because Social Security and Medicare are earned benefits, not a safety not.

WRONG, el doofus. An "earned benefit" can still be one that was created as part of a safety net.

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