February 17, 2012

Where's our articulate prez on the safety net?

In his latest column, Paul Krugman asks why so many red-state voters are so fervently that way, even when it's against their economic self interest.

He first mentions Thomas Frank's idea, that they've been seduced by social conservativism talk. Second is taking social influences the other way, using this to explain why the rich in blue states are at least quasi-liberal, being repelled by that same social conservativism.

And, third is, well, denialism!

When 44 percent of those on Social Security, 43 percent on unemployment benefits, and 40 percent of Medicare users say "they've not used a government program," it's no wonder tea party-type wingnuts keep attacking the government.

Needed? Far beyond George Lakoff, an articulate president explaining these things. Allegedly, the country elected one. (Soft bigotry of low expectations strikes again, I guess.)

That said, it's not just Dear Leader. It was only the 2010 midterms that really brought this to the surface. On the other hand, that was nearly two years ago. And, where is Obama? Or other top Dems, for that matter?

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