February 15, 2012

Shove those Texas elections back further

It looks like an April primary election in Texas is officially dead. That, in turn, could mean that the state Republican and Democratic parties are on the hook for major hotel and convention center reservation bills, if they have to push back their original convention dates. That's not to mention the waste of state moneys with delayed primaries, etc.

A May primary date would be "less bad" than a June one, and just maybe would allow the state parties to hold conventions on schedule. On the other hand, a June one would mean a shorter general election.

Now, will Texas Dems push this money mismanagement issue in the general election? Oh, I forgot, the Democratic Party is nearly dormant in Texas at the statewide level, so there may not be a lot of protesting from state-level candidates.

At least state senate District 10 appears to have been settled. That means we are primarily looking at Congressional districts, then state House ones.

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