February 17, 2012

#Yglesias prematurely mourns #Firefox death

Kiddie pool/inside DC über-blogger/news-lite reporter Matt Yglesias posted the chart above as part of a blog post mourning/lamenting the possible demise of Firefox.

Funny thing, though, I can easily deconstruct that chart, and his worries, at least in part.

First, let's give Firefox's more recent versions (hopefully with some new marketing) time to get some good PR  from general users, and from website and add-on developers. I think Mozeilla recognizes that versions 4 and 5 pretty much were teh suck.

Second, let's let Google's no-opt-out privacy policy sink in more; let's see if that reverses Chrome's upward trend. 

Third, let's let Google's no-opt-out hopefully put a dent in using Google for search, especially if FF nixes it as the default on future versions. Related to that, why wouldn't Microslob throw it a modicum of money to make Bing the default?

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