February 17, 2012

#NYTimes gives #Greens at least a bit of space

Dr. Jill Stein
The New York Times, on its "The Caucus" blog, is asking five questions, from time to time, of a variety of presidential candidates. Earlier this week, Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party's top candidate, got her turn.

When asked if Obama deserved credit for what he did on health care, or other accomplishments, she said:
Small time, sure. There are minor improvements. But on the other hand, he took single-payer off the table. ... And how about bringing Wall Street in, the guys who created the problem, among his first appointments. It was pretty clear right then that this was going to be business as usual on steroids.
Small time is about right. 

And, as for supporters of the bipartisan duopoly, who accuse people of me of "wasting votes," here's what she had to say on the differences between the parties;
You might look at one party as a rapidly sinking ship and say we’re going to vote for the other guy because the ship’s not going down so fast.We don’t like him but he’s not sinking the ship so fast. But the real question is, if both of those ships are heading for the bottom of the ocean, do you want to be on either of them? No.
Yep, that's the "Democrats right-or-wrong" comment I hear all the time.

And, note the the NYT: She's a medical doctor, so why isn't she called "Dr. Stein"?

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