September 20, 2011

Dean pulls rug out from under Obamacare

Remember that McKinsey study this summer that said Obamacare had a number of "Issues"? Remember how the White House and national DEeocratis pooh-poohed this?

Well, Howard Dean says the study's the real poop. He says a lot of smaller businesses will likely drop private health plans when Obamacare fully goes into effect and the cost could be trillions of dollars.

Well, not so many progressives mentioned this, but I did. Many noted lack of tough regulation, but not so many noted lack of cost controls.

Because, whether it's the current system of private pay, Obamacare, or even government single-payer, NO "fix" to our health care system is going to have major long-term effects without major, major, major cost controls. And, "my" Greens and other third parties of the left need to face that just as much as the Dems and GOP.

I don't want the government paying for national health care that's more than 13 percent of the budget any more than I want anybody else doing that.

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