September 21, 2011

A crook and a neocon give us oil advice

Just do the opposite of what they say. Bud McFarlane, a crook, and James Woolsey, a neocon crook in spirit, give us their opinion on how to deal with foreign oil needs. The fact that they're touting ethanol shows how clueless both they and the NYT are. They're also too dumb to realize that Obama's new CAFE standards bill specifically (and sadly) had a Mack truck-sized loophole for flex fuel vehicles. Does nobody at the NYT op-ed desk fact-check guest columns? Reading through the whole thing, I see it as an indictment of the MSM as much as of McFarlane and Woolsey, to be honest. Once again, most MSM "injuries" of the past 15 years have been self-inflicted.

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