September 20, 2011

#RickPerrysTexasMiracle: Is Granholm right?

Yes and no.

The issue at hand? The former Michigan governor, talking about how Rick Perry created jobs in Texas, and how it would be nice to have him get the GOP presidential nod.

She's right on the former, wrong on the latter, possibly.

Anybody who's not an ears-plugged Republican knows the truth about Tricky Ricky's Texas miracle. He took a shitload of Obama stimulus money and later lied about that. He spent much of it on the "public sector," i.e., government jobs, including and especially for school teachers, and later lied about that. The pre-recessionary/non-federally-aided jobs he's "created" have been low wage, often without health insurance, which he simply hasn't talked about.

So, it sounds great, from a Democratic point, that he'd get the nod, right?


So far, plenty of independent voters have shown themselves amenable to such lies. And, as Granholm's own "beacon," Dear Leader, has shown, those allegedly insightful independents were amenable to lies three years ago, too.

Such voters like their liars both bold and smooth, expertly packaged and branded. Obama knew that three years ago. Tricky Ricky knows that, too. But, last year here in Texas, an underfunded, underpublicized Deborah Medina wasn't a very strong carrier of the tea party banner in the GOP primary. Tricky Ricky's election luck will probably run out next year before the GOP convention.

And, Jennifer Granholm should be grateful on behalf of America. Even this Green-voting Obama-dismisser knows that.

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