August 04, 2011

Wingers' top 10 reactions to Obama 50th

What do you get the Dear Leader of the Free World, who has said that he already gave himself a special present, namely, the debt ceiling deal? (He got the ceiling, we got the basement.)

Well, here's a few options:
1. A bill for repaying the federal government from House Republicans, who insist that any White House events must be privately funded.
2. Birthers scramble to check Obama's real Kenyan Soviet Union Martian birth certificate to see if he's actually under 35 and therefore ineligible for office.
3. Glenn Beck hangs him in effigy on TV.
4. Pam Gellar, noting the Muslim lunar year, asks if his age is in solar months or lunar ones.
5. Rush Limbaugh says its a socialist plot to brainwash anybody under the age of 50.
6. John Boehner gives him a certificate for a free round of golf ... if he supports a balanced budget amendment.
7. Congressman Joe Wilson repeats his "You lie" claim as to the truth of Obama turning 50.
8. Rick Perry offers to shoot him like a coyote.
9. The Koch Bros. start the new astroturf group: "Obama: The Real Birthday Truth."
10. Michele Bachmann claims that the birthday party is a gay socialistic plot to overthrow America as we know it.

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