August 03, 2011

#Debtmageddon - why no #14thAmdt?

For people who aren't Obamiacs, but aren't yet ready to join the club of writing him off (and why not?), this is certainly a puzzler. Even erstwhile Senate ally Dick Durbin wanted him to.

Or, if not that, why "compromise away the compromise" and have your press secretary announce, a week in advance of the deadline, that you won't do it?

Once again, although not 100 percent true, this is largely the budget deal Obama wanted. No, there's no "lobbyist bankshot" he planned of playing off defense vs. medical spending on the commission and the possible "trigger," or anything like that.

He wanted something like this, and that's why he appointed his Catfood Commission long ago. That's why he's got Robert Rubinites running his economic policy.

So, again, Obama wanted to be forced to "compromise" in a way that really wasn't compromise.

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