August 04, 2011

#Debtmageddon has just begun

What? You mean there's no respite for a weary American public? Nor for intelligent liberal-minded people worried about how much more Preznit Kumbaya will sell out?

Yep, that's right.

As this NYT graphic makes clear, by the end of September, there's another debt ceiling issue to be faced. True, Obama can override a House-Senate "measure of disapproval" on the debt hike, but then, the GOP makes him out to be "Mr. Tax and Spend."

Didn't Preznit Kumbaya say he wanted the debt ceiling removed from electoral entanglements? I'm at the point where I know that he wanted something kind of similar to what has actually happened, while at the same time marveling more all the time just how inept he is.

"Soft bigotry of low expectations," gender bias, a fluffy vetting with the Robert Rubin class, and a willful misinterpretation of his "antiwar" speech sure carried the Peter Principle Prez a long way

But, that's not the only potential snare ahead for Grover Cleveland Obama. Salon lists more, including the federal gas tax expiring Sept. 30.

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