August 04, 2011

#RickPerry ... all balls, no soul, and tea partiers may like that

Many progressives know the name of Cameron Todd Willingham, a Texas man apparently framed for an arson-murder he most likely did not commit. A man framed by shoddy science at best and pseudoscience at worst. A man whose framing Rick Perry upheld.

Well, last year, in the GOP primary, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison considered using that against him.

One problem? Wingnuts liked the idea he may have sent an innocent man to death:
Multiple former Hutchison advisers recalled asking a focus group about the charge that Perry may have presided over the execution of an innocent man – Cameron Todd Willingham – and got this response from a primary voter: "It takes balls to execute an innocent man."
Don't doubt that Tricky Ricky didn't have some focus groups of his own this whole time.

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