August 04, 2011

Obama to supporters: Ignore my record

How else can you raise funds for re-election when you've been, on the whole, a crappy president? That's what Obama said at a dinner, though he tried to spin it by saying, don't get bogged down in "detail."
"If somebody asks about taxes, nobody is really interested in hearing what precise marginal tax rate change would you like to see in the tax code," Obama said. "What they want to know is that our campaign stands for a fair, just approach to the tax code that says everybody has to chip in, and that it’s not right if a hedge fund manager is being taxed at a lower rate than his or her secretary."

On Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama said: "If somebody asks about the war, whether it’s Iraq or Afghanistan — if it’s Iraq, you have a pretty simple answer, which is all our folks are going to be out of there by the end of the year. If it’s Afghanistan, you can talk about, look, we think it’s time for us to transition to Afghan lead and rebuild here at home. So, again, it’s a values issue: Where are we prioritizing our resources?"
Well, if you've got primarily Obamiacs as your supporters, I guess you can keep fooling them, eh? That said, if some of your 2008 contributors are still iffy, they're again getting the message that they need to fall in line because they're not going to get offered another choice.

Meanwhile, a long Politico story reminds would-be supporters: This record.

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