SocraticGadfly: Sarah Palin divorce connected to Trig birth?

August 01, 2009

Sarah Palin divorce connected to Trig birth?

Let me first say that, after initially wondering if Sarah Palin indeed were not the mother of Trig, I abandoned that idea, even before daughter Bristol gave birth to Tripp Palin and knocked herself out of the running to be Trig’s mom. (“Audrey” at Palin’s Deceptions and a few other nutbars still hold on to that idea, albeit while simply ignoring Bristol’s birth timeframe with Tripp, because that’s the only way you can do that.

Anyway, how does this connect with rumors of Sarah Palin’s divorce from ex-First Dude Todd?


I blogged when it first came out about the National Enquirer’s reporting of late last summer about a former Sarah Palin affair with Todd’s best friend, which is allegedly, according to some Alaskan bloggers, the reason behind the divorce. (The stories were never officially denied by the Palin Veep campaign after the Enquirer story hit the stand, and the mag has never been sued over the story.)

However, a decade-old affair being that destructive now doesn't make sense.

But, what if it weren't the only one? (And, bloggers in The Last Frontier have used the plural word, as well as the singular, without listing any names.)

What if, as Sarah Palin and Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson have always claimed, Sarah is the mother of Trig Palin —

But Trig has another father, besides Todd?

Would explain why she had to rush back, not just to Anchorage, but to Mat-Su Regional Hospital. If she gave birth somewhere else, and a blood transfusion were needed, and someone with a different blood type than Todd were the father...

It would also explain a VERY interesting insight from a commenter at Celtic Diva. (The comment is in response to a guest post by nurse Lee Thompkins, who likens birth doubters to conspiracy theorists.

Sweet Lucy 47 says:
Palin had become a Pro-abortion Pro-Lifer.

She really didn't want this baby, she had the amnio, found out then the baby was "damaged" and really realized she didn't want it...then denied she was even pregnant for months, until she could deny it no longer, so had to own up to it. Then, in Texas realizing she had a serious problem, made a fateful decision to travel as she did, in the hopes that God would take over and she wouldn't have the baby. Cynical?? Yes, maybe I am...but it all fits in with your explanation, and it all fits in with what happened and it explains the reasoning behind her actions.

Fits to me. It does accept Palin at her word (which ain't worth much) about the legal facts of the birth — and nothing else.

Sarah Palin is ultimately about Sarah Palin, religious beliefs and all. Whether this was a fully conscious mindset or not, it sounds reasonable — and quite perturbing.

If this were an unwanted pregnancy, because Todd was not the dad, it would explain the mindset behind that idea, too.

Also, per one commenter to already drop by, this explanation fits Occam’s Razor to a T.

No claims of “flexibility” in birth dates (we know when Sarah left Dallas, and she would have to be really dumb to lie about Trig’s birth as the reason she was in the rush); no looking at pictures of Bristol’s stomach for roundness, or lack thereof, or Sarah’s; no minute examination of pictures for actual, or alleged, Photoshopping; no wild goose chases around MySpace pages.

Of course, this is all predicated on the claim that some sort of separation is happening, that it’s based not just on one decade-old affair, but other marital problems, too, and that one of those “marital problems” led to pregnancy.

That said, it’s still more sensical by far than the idea Sarah Palin isn’t the mom of Trig.

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EileenK said...

You are really a moron. Leave this poor woman alone and deal with your hatred. You don't have to agree with her politics to act like a decent human being. Sarah Palin is not the idiot here, nor is she as cold and evil as you are. Get a life and leave hers alone!