SocraticGadfly: One Texas Dem in Congress opposed war bill

June 16, 2009

One Texas Dem in Congress opposed war bill

Lloyd Doggett was the only Democrat in Texas’ Congressional delegation to vote against the $106 billion war bill. (I’m assuming, on the GOP side, that Ron Paul’s opposition was driven first and foremost by the IMF funding rider, not the war bill itself.)

Eddie Bernice Johnson, up here, is no surprise in her yes vote. Sheila Jackson-Lee becomes more of a disappointment, from years ago compared to now, all the time.

That said, fully one-third of Democrats’ slim 32 “no” votes on the bill, which passed 226-202, came from California. If all 51 Democrats who voted against the original version had held firm, it would have been defeated.

The limp and impotent “antiwar” Democrats who chickenshitted at the end include this:
“I want to support my president,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), who changed her no vote to a yes.

Eff “the president.” What about the American people? What about more soldiers being pounded down a quagmire?

But, there’s still hope. Some Senators oppose another rider on the bill, the cash for clunker cars attachment, as being insufficiently rigorous on the mileage boost required for the new vehicle purchased with the clunker money.

Update: Maybe I was being too generous to Doggett, even. Seems his vote was more aboutGov. Helmethair’s use of Obama stimulus funds than anything else.

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