SocraticGadfly: What next on the farm bill?

May 22, 2008

What next on the farm bill?

Congress left 34 pages out of what it sent Bush for his eventual veto.

It looks like it will have to vote anew on the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Bush’s Deputy Agriculture Secretary, Charles Conner, has objected beyond BushCo’s original objection to the bill leaving rich farmers eligible for subsidies, that the new bill sets payment baselines too high:
A blog item posted Monday by the agricultural magazine Pro Farmer described the new program, known as Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE), as “lucrative beyond expectations,” and said it is a “no brainer” for farmers to sign up for it.

I don’t want to stint farmers, certainly, but I don’t want to give corporate farmers a bushel of money in a silver bushel basket.

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