SocraticGadfly: Courts-martial for insubordinate warmongers sucking up to Rummy

May 19, 2008

Courts-martial for insubordinate warmongers sucking up to Rummy

I see no conspiracy theory, unlike tinfoil hat bloggers, in Donald Rumfeld’s comments to the war shakers, military mouths, brass hat talking heads, or whatever you call them, who threw him a goodbye party in December 2006. 911 truthers are beyond rational discussion, though.

However, even on places like this TPM thread about the April 2006 briefing of Rumsfeld by military analysts, I still don’t see enough outcry about the real problem.

And, that is the military-industrial complex is now morphing into the military-political complex.

Where’s the outcry for courts-martial of any of these brass hats still on active duty, or retroactively stripping the pensions of those who aren’t.

The military swear an oath to the Constitution, not the President — a Constitution that lists Congress first, no matter what political party has a majority.

I think there’s a legitimate argument to be made — and I’m making it — that we’ve got insubordinate behavior here.

It’s not just that individual generals are insubordinate, it’s the culture they’re coming from is also, in a word, insubordinate.. It’s a culture that needs to be slapped down, slapped down hard, and slapped down now.

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